About Putuo

Putuo means “beautiful white flower” in the Avatamsaka Sutra of Buddhism.It is located in the northeast of Zhejiang province and the southeast of Zhoushan Archipelago. For its famous Buddhist site—Mount Putuo, there was a district named Putuo, which is composed of 455 islands among which 32 are inhabited. Putuo is a district of Zhoushan city. There are 4 towns, 3 townships and 5 subdistrict offices in the district. The People’s Government of Putuo district is seated at Shenjiamen subdistrict. The total population of Putuo is 31,9000. The district covers an area of 6269.4 sq. km, among which 6269.4 sq. km are sea area and 458.6 sq. km are land area. The total coastline of Putuo amounts to 831.43 km. Obviously, Putuo is a district with large marine territory but small land area.

The district is located in Yangtze river delta economic area, the frontline of coastal areas and the centre of Zhoushan fishing ground. Bordering main cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo at its back, Putuo faces Keelung in Taiwan, Nagasaki in Janpan and Inchon in Korea. Known as its rich natural resources, developed fishery industry, excellent harbor, beautiful scenery and comfortable climate, Putuo is called as the east-sea pearl.

Putuo belongs to semi-tropical monsoon marine climate. It’s warm and wet, cool in summer and warm in winter with sufficient sunshine. The average temperature of the district is 16.1℃ all the year round. The coldest month is January with the average temperature 5.5℃. The hotest month is August with the average temperature 26.9℃.


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